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The 12 answers to your top fears of buying a mattress online.

  1. Old, dirty mattress with a racoon peeking out of a ripped opening in it.

    What if I don't really need a new mattress?


    Doctoring up your current sleep situation is never the answer.

    Knowing when to buy a new mattress can be really difficult. People try everything to salvage comfort from an outdated bed—mattress toppers, new pillows, more pillows, new sheets, etc. And let’s not forget how often experts recommend replacing a mattress. We’ll save you the search time and just let you know the window is every 8 to 10 years. Begs the question: When was your mattress’s last birthday? At the end of the day, realizing that it is time to upgrade to a new mattress is the best thing, not only for your nights, but also for your days.

    You deserve nothing less than total comfort.

    Buying a new mattress can be intimidating. These people felt the same way.

    "Love it...100% better than the sleep number bed I just replaced."

    — Steve

    "My wife and I both love the mattress as our old one was 15 years old."

    — Stephanie

    "The mattress was a great price and delivered to your door. I love the return policy and a true 10-year limited warranty. Our old mattress was only a year old and the outsides were sagging like there was a ridge in the middle. We had it replaced under warranty and the new replacement was doing the same thing! This time I wanted something that had great reviews and so far we love it and no side sagging."

    — Dennis
  2. Ball and chain.

    What If I don't like this mattress and I'm stuck with it?


    We don't want you sleeping on something you hate.

    In 2012, one of our founders felt stuck with a mattress that he hated, which is why we set out to take care of every customer—whether they love our mattress or not. So we made returns as easy as possible. That said, 19 out of 20 people keep their T&N Original Mattress.

    95% of people love their T&N mattress95% of people love their T&N mattress95% of people love their T&N mattress
    19 out of 20 people keep their mattress
    Nobody wants to get stuck with a huge mattress. These people didn't either.

    "Comfortable mattress. Easy buying process without any risk of being stuck with bad product. Great customer service."

    — Julia

    "Not over priced and comes with a warranty that took away any fear that I may get stuck with another uncomfortable bed."

    — Judy

    "The return policy is awesome—though I don't plan on using it. It did however take the fear out of buying something that I may not have liked."

    — Theodore

    "Ordering was easy! I don't feel stuck with a purchase that is cumbersome to most people. The delivery was on time. Opening the mattress was like Christmas! My mattress is so comfortable!"

    — Samantha

    "Ordering was simple. Loved the 100 day trial & return policy, so I could order online without the stress of getting stuck with a bed in case it doesn't suit me."

    — Durgaprasad
  3. Question mark.

    What if I want to feel it before I buy it?


    You'll never know, no matter how much you read.

    Analysis paralysis is a real thing and, often, the more you read, the deeper into indecision you’ll fall. The only way to really know if a mattress works for you is to sleep on it—shocker—for more than one night. A quick bounce in a store is fine, but it’s not going to reveal if a product delivers for quality sleep in the long run. We do our best to outline on our website how our mattresses feel and perform IRL and you’re always welcome to stop by any of our retail stores to try them out. But, when it comes down to it, you’ll never know if you’re going to sleep better until you’re sleeping on something that’s truly better.

    We also back every purchase with our 100-Night Sleep Trial. More on that later, but it’s just as it sounds. A hundred nights to try out our mattress in the comfort of your own home. If it’s not an amazing fit, we’ll refund every cent of the mattress. Heck, you even get to donate the undesired mattress to an organization in need.

    Simple as that.

    Wanting to know more before you buy is normal. These people did too.

    "The mattress is exceptionally comfortable."

    — William

    "The mattress is very comfortable and supportive."

    — Joshua

    "It's the most comfortable mattress EVER."

    — Jordan

    "Cool, solid, but soft and comfortable."

    — William
  4. Old technology.

    What if all-foam mattresses are just a fad?


    The all-foam mattress has been around since the ’90s. We just brought them into the 21st century.

    Our high-quality polyurethane foam is versatile, low maintenance, and durable—we’ve tested our mattress to last at least 10 years. Using our own T&N Adaptive® foam allows for our mattress to be quiet, resist motion transfer (no more shaking awake your partner when roll over), and sleep really cool (our open-cell foam is very breathable).

    Making the jump to a new type of mattress is scary. These people felt the same.

    "I've had it for a week now and I've had the best nights sleep I've had in a long time. I've had memory foam mattresses in the past and hated them, but your adaptive foam is different. I love that it doesn't stay body conforming as you move around on it and as far as I'm concerned it has much better support. My back thanks you! Oh, and I've already recommended your mattress."

    — Preston

    "I feel the foam thing has a bad rep or stigma in the public eye, and the entire process, from the explanation of the product and process on the site to the awesome return policy, makes it an easy thing to get into your house, test, and determine if you love it or not. So it is a no brainer for people to try. That "try" got us in the door, and we love it!"

    — Bryan

    "I just love this mattress and always thought you needed the conventional spring mattress. This all foam design has made me a believer."

    — Mike

    "Tuft & Needle is a great and affordable option for a King size bed! My wife and I prefer a firm mattress and were worried about switching to foam. About 3 weeks into having a Tuft & Needle mattress and we love it! Great support, super comfortable, and hopefully it'll last a long time."

    — David

    "Super comfortable. I was amazed. Look, I'm a big dude. I'm 6'1", 260. Many moons ago I dated a woman who had a memory foam mattress and I HATED it. Omg. I'd lay down and I'd sink into the mattress, I couldn't roll over, and I'd sweat myself half to death. Before I got my T&N mattress I was still sleeping on a 15-year-old coil spring mattress and I didn't realize how bad I was sleeping until I switched. My biggest fear was that it'd be like memory foam and it's *nothing* like that."

    — Clifton
  5. Dumpster.

    What if this mattress doesn't last?


    Actually, it's proven to last 10 years.

    We stand behind our mattress so much that we’ve included a hassle-free, 10-year limited warranty in every sale. But even if you decide to return yours, it’s easy:

    1. You call us.
    2. We confirm if your mattress is still under warranty, and we remove it (at no charge).

    Beware of other warranties.

    Others'Our way
    You MUST flip your mattress...and prove it.Arrow pointing rightYou'll never need to flip it.
    You MUST buy this mattress protector.Arrow pointing rightWhy buy another product?
    Small stains on your mattress? Too bad.Arrow pointing rightWe know $#!+ happens.
    Only a few hundred more for an extended warranty.Arrow pointing rightYour protection is included.
    Warranties can be complicated. These people were worried too.

    "Was blown away with the experience. Simple. Quick. And a 10 year warranty?? Amazing!"

    — Brittany

    "We love your amazing product. The whole process was very easy, no hassle buying & 10 year guarantee were great."

    — Beverly

    "Very pleased with the comfort and quality."

    — Monica

    "Extremely happy with the quality of the bed."

    — James

    "Great experience and quality for the money."

    — Thomas
  6. Defunct video store sign.

    What if you aren't around in 10 years?


    We disrupted the industry. We’re seeing it through.

    From the very beginning of our company, we have made decisions with the future in mind and have always sought to do the right thing—not just for now, but for the future. We have made smart business decisions, focused on longevity. Case in point, in 2018, we merged with Serta Simmons Bedding to affect positive change across the entire sleep industry. Turns out, we were both entirely aligned. So we chose to become the biggest name in the business with more benefits, for more customers.

    We now have more than 6000 employees, 650+ patents, 150+ countries, and 39 manufacturing facilities behind every single sleep product. More testing, more innovation, and better options for those who choose T&N.

    New companies seem like a risk. These people thought so too.

    "We found that Tuft & Needle was a far more recognized mattress even though it was a fairly new company. I think what really got us was the story and details about why they began their own company. Well, it made me think that these guys know exactly what we are dealing with."

    — Warren and Angela

    "It's amazing! I love your company and how you do business. I will continue to recommend your mattress to everyone."

    — Anthony

    "We love our mattress an we love your company. We recommend Tuft and Needle to anyone who will listen. Thank you for a great night's sleep!"

    — Jacqueline

    "You run the finest and most honorable business I have ever encountered. I love your company as much as your fine, original company. Thank you so much."

    — Sandra
  7. Three similar doors.

    What if I pick the wrong online mattress brand?


    We're biased, so don't ask us.

    If you really want to know what it’s like to own a Tuft & Needle Mattress, ask someone who has one. Do they like how it sleeps? Did they enjoy their buying experience? Does the product continue to deliver as time goes by?

    It’s why we’re transparent with customer reviews. We take them seriously, and so do you. Here’s how we measure up against other online mattress brands (according to customers across the board).

    Tuft & Needle has thousands more Amazon reviews than any other competitor.Tuft & Needle has thousands more Amazon reviews than any other competitor.

    Over a million happy sleepers choose Tuft & Needle.
    And 95% of customers who buy a T&N Original Mattress keep it.

    Copycats add confusion. These people were baffled too.

    "I bought a Purple, a Helix, a few from big box stores—all with 100 days trials—yours was the best and the most affordable."

    — Lloyd

    "My 24 year old son recommended this mattress, after 2 other mattress failed their comfort level. He is very happy that we spent half of the price of the other mattress, and the comfort is "unbelievable" thank you."

    — Joseph

    "I spent weeks researching mattresses, prices, sustainability of the company I'm buying from, etc. I ended up settling on Tuft & Needle even though I had no way of testing it out before buying, but the risk was worth it! I love this mattress, it's an affordable price and exactly as comfortable as I was hoping. Would definitely recommend to a friend!"

    — Kevin

    "Cheaper and more comfortable than Casper mattress."

    — Lev

    "Wanted to stop by since we were in the area visiting friends. Was considering 3 other online mattress companies, and felt with the 100 day trial, quality/feel of the mattress, would give this a try."

    — Greg
  8. Knight in shining armor.

    What if my purchase isn't protected?


    We know this is a big purchase, and that’s why we have your back.

    We don’t just make great sleep products. We deliver quality experiences that give you everything you deserve.

    • 100-night trial
    • Hassle-free limited warranty
    • Quick, simple financing
    • Free shipping and returns*
    • Award-winning customer service

    *Additional fees may apply in AK and HI.

    This is a lot of money to spend online. These people were hesitant too.

    "Best bed, best customer service (didn't think it existed anymore), best warranty, best price."

    — John

    "Amazing comfort and equally amazing customer service. 110% recommend!"

    — Sarah

    "Best customer service ever, best product, unbelievable price value."

    — Mark

    "The ordering process and delivery were easy and quick. Customer service was unbelievably helpful and kind. The mattress itself is so comfortable!"

    — Briget

    "Business philosophy and best-of-the-best customer service."

    — Michael
  9. Mattress in a slingshot.

    What if I decide to return this thing? ...It's huge!


    You won't have to put it back in the box. Promise.

    Maybe you didn’t buy our simplicity claims the first time you read them. So let us be unequivocally clear: We’ve made everything about our buying experience as easy as humanly possible, even returns.

    1. Contact us within your 100-Night Sleep Trial.
    2. We'll help donate it (someone will pick it up).
    3. Get a refund.

    Hear from someone who went through the return process.

    Thumbnail for a video overview of our return process.Thumbnail for a video overview of our return process.
    Risk free is rarely risk free. These people felt the same way.

    "Exceptional service, beautiful mattress. even though it was a bit too firm for me personally- they are even friendly with the return process."

    — Jennifer

    "Even though the mattress was not right for us they were so customer friendly and went out of their way to help in the return process."

    — Stephen

    "Even though the mattress didn't fit our needs they were very supportive with the return process and for that we are greatly appreciative."

    — Shawndre

    "The concept of the mattress is great. Unfortunately the bed isn't made for everyone, but the return process has be just as easy as buying the bed . Such friendly staff."

    — Matthew

    "While we returned the mattress because it was too firm for us, your customer service is outstanding. I think the ease of ordering, delivery, and use was superb. The quality of the mattress is excellent. The return process has gone smoothly, we are waiting for the refund to hit the bank. I would definitely recommend Tuft & Needle for those looking for a firm mattress."

    — Mark
  10. Construction crane lifting a mattress.

    What if having it delivered is a pain?


    There are no scary surprises.

    Our bed in a box model is simple and straightforward. Choose your mattress, and we’ll come to you. So you can use your valuable time to do better things, like: catching up on a favorite show, reading that book, or calling a friend. We’ll handle the delivery, you just soak up the great sleep. Getting your bed-in-a-box is easy.

    1. Place your order.
    2. Receive it at your doorstep.
    3. Unbox it yourself.

    Great sleep in 43 seconds.

    Thumbnail for a video showcasing how easy our unboxing process is.Thumbnail for a video showcasing how easy our unboxing process is.
    Delivering a mattress can't be easy. These people were nervous too.

    "Tuft & Needle is so comfortable and the delivery was so easy and fun. A mattress that pops out of a box? What more could you want? I sleep better and feel better when I wake up. Thanks for such a great product! I actually just convinced my brother to get one too!"

    — Skyler

    "Customer service was amazing. Needed help with organizing delivery because I was finishing school and needed it to be somewhere and the customer service representative was more than helpful."

    — Nicholas

    "The mattress is super comfortable and the delivery was so easy—I have a small car, and so normally to buy a mattress, I also have to rent a van or truck. The delivery was incredibly convenient. Thanks!"

    — Devine

    "My Tuft & Needle mattress has been so comfortable and extremely affordable. Ordering the mattress was very easy and delivery went smoothly despite my apartment being located in a five floor walk-up in New York City."

    — Kristina
  11. Person wearing a T&N box while shrugging.

    What if I have to buy a bunch of stuff for the mattress to work?


    It practically sets itself up.

    Why deal with finicky mattresses that need special attention to “work?” (It’s a mattress—why is it so high maintenance?) Tuft & Needle mattresses will work with most frames and foundations and still provide the ideal support and comfort for your rest. We’re also proud to offer a suite of Tuft & Needle furniture if you’d like to further customize your bedroom.

    Compatible with most bed frames

    Traditional frames
    Slatted frame
    A new mattress usually means buying a lot of items. These people felt the same.

    "I love my mattress and have recommended to others. It is comfortable, priced right and delivered in a small.box. I loved the fact that I didn't have to buy two parts."

    — Sheila

    "My wife and I have better sleep than a certain colorful violet bed that was more expensive. Apparently you have to use special sheets so your back wouldn't hurt. This works with our current sheets we have and it's great! So far... Let's see what the wife thinks."

    — Jackelin

    "Well-made, comfortable (most important) bed. It also works with our adjustable King-size frame."

    — Douglas

    "It came in 2 days and was easy to put on my box spring. Used it that night. Love it."

    — Dale
  12. I'm concerned I'll never stop hearing your praises. You sold me on a Tuft & Needle Mattress, like, four bullet points ago.


    We believe sleep is paramount. Yes, ease of purchase, fair prices, comfort, and durability matter. But it’s the sum of all parts that matters most. When we hear from customers who wake up better than they ever have before, well, it gives us all the power to make the world a brighter place.

    Thank you for choosing Tuft & Needle. The only thing that’s left is to pick your mattress!

The T&N MattressThe T&N Mattress

The Original

Starting at $745 $633.25

  • T&N Adaptive® foam
  • 10", 2 foam layers
  • Get it as low as $31 a month
Shop the Original
The T&N MattressThe T&N Mattress

The Mint

Starting at $745 $633.25

  • Enhanced T&N Adaptive® foam
  • 12", 3 foam layers
  • Get it as low as $53 a month
Shop the Mint
  • 100-night trial
  • Hassle-free limited warranty
  • Quick, simple financing
  • Free shipping and returns*
  • Award-winning customer service

*Additional fees may apply in AK and HI.

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