Meet the Tuft & Needle Sleep Ambassadors

Meet the Tuft & Needle Sleep Ambassadors

December 20, 2021

Author: Lisa Haroldsen

A couple of weeks ago, we announced the 2021 Sleep Ambassadors Program. Today, we’re excited to announce that 14 Ambassadors have been chosen and are ready to start improving their sleep!

Meet the Tuft & Needle Sleep Ambassadors

Be sure to follow them on their journey! They’ll be posting pictures, updates, and best practices on social media that may help you improve your sleeping habits too.

Nikke B. Sleep Ambassador

Nikke B.
Full time mom and military wife, Nikke, is excited for this opportunity to change her sleep and help her feel rested in the morning. Follow her here: @OnCloudBrewer_

Morgan W Sleep Ambassador

Morgan W.
Busy OB/Gyn and mother to a 9 month old, Morgan, is looking forward to making an impact in her community by what she learns as being a Sleep Ambassador. Follow her here: @drwestobgyn

Beth J. Sleep Ambassador

Beth J.
Adoptive mom of two, Beth, is always tired and looking forward to finally getting a real grown up bed and sharing her sleep journey. Follow her here: @invitinghope

Taiwo A. Sleep Ambassador

Taiwo A.
Taiwoa, mother of 4 kids ranging 7 weeks to 7 years old, is excited about learning how to manage her sleep better and share her knowledge with her tired parent friends and family. Follow her here: @Teeajao

Chloe C. Sleep Ambassador

Chloe C.
For Chloe, a widow and mother of 2 girls, getting a good nights sleep has been really hard. She is looking forward to learning and sharing her sleep journey with her followers. Follow her here: @chloecookevents

Sarah H. Sleep Ambassador

Sarah H.
As a single parent, Sarah has found that sleep is a rarity and quality sleep is a luxury. She is excited to share her learnings and the importance of investing in yourself so you are rested and prepared to take on a day as an amazing parent! Follow her here: @sarahgracehallas

Lindsey F. Sleep Ambassador

Lindsey F.
As the mother of a child who needs extra care, Lindsey has become an advocate for parents like herself that put their sleep last. She is looking forward to this opportunity to learn and simply help others get the rest and recovery both they and their babies need. Follow her here: @otto_rayfunk

Ali D. Sleep Ambassador

Ali D.
New mom, Ali knows the importance of sleep on your well being. It’s frustrating to have insomnia and constantly feel exhausted. She is excited to become an advocate for new parents and help them learn how to be their best selves in order to be the best parent! Follow her here: @GlutenFreeTravelGirl

Kiara H. Sleep Ambassador

Kiara H.
A mother that loves to cook and sleep, Kiara has found since becoming a mom her sleep has changed drastically. She hopes to use her learnings from this program to become a resource for tired parents so they can have the best sleep experience possible. Follow her here: @anovelpearl

Maria T. Sleep Ambassador

Maria T.
For Maria, a mother of two littles, sleep has become one of those get-it-while-you-can things. She is excited to share this unique experience with others! Follow her here: @KaseyandMaria

Denisse M.
As an entrepreneur, award-winning & internationally published photographer and digital content writer, and mom, Denisse is very busy and exhausted. She is most excited about not feeling exhausted and sharing tips with her followers. Follow her here: @chasingdenisse

Kaitlin H. Sleep Ambassador

Kaitlin H.
As a parent of three littles, Kaitlin wishes she could get more sleep. She is very excited for this journey to get a better sleep routine in place and share with her following how they can do the same. Follow her here: @kaitlin_harris

Jane W. Sleep Ambassador

Jane W.
Jane never knew true sleep deprivation until she became a mom and she is so excited to learn how to sleep better and share with her following how they can too! Follow her here: @jane

Alexis C. Sleep Ambassador

Alexis C.
Alexis is a mom who feels she is never well rested. She is excited to learn how to sleep better and share with her following how they can too because who doesn’t want better rest? Follow her here: @_thecolelife_

Throughout the program, we’ll be posting sleep tips for both parents and kids on Facebook and our blog, along with providing updates about the Ambassadors journeys. If you haven’t already, follow us on social media and start getting your best night’s sleep too!

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