What the T&N team keeps on their nightstand.

What the T&N team keeps on their nightstand.

April 26, 2021

Author: Megan Shagam

It’s commonly said that you tell a lot about someone through various choices. What kind of car you drive, how your bathroom is decorated, or what you choose to keep in your bag can all (supposedly) paint a picture as to who you are as a person. But what about what you choose to keep next to you as you sleep?

While we certainly don’t have the answers as to what these bedside momentos mean, we wanted to take a look into what the Tuft & Needle team chooses to keep on their nightstands while they sleep.

Colin Darland – Engineering Manager:

“I like to keep things pretty simple for bedtime, so I try not to clutter my nightstand with much. Right now I have our Alexa (everyone’s favorite robot slave), my iPhone/Apple Watch chargers, our AppleTV remote, and our iPad/baby monitor. And now that I think about it that makes me look like a total Apple Stan… which I probably am.”

Tyler Norris – CRM Manager:

“I keep my retainer case and the book I’m currently reading (‘East of Eden’ is what’s there now).”

Lauren Baer, Copywriter, and her husband Alex:

“A very excessive amount of skincare (that I consistently forget to use), jewelry pouch, picture, eye mask, and false eyelashes for some reason.”

“Alex has no fewer than 7 pairs of glasses, a book about New York, a picture, and a post-it with some kind of code written on it.”

Brooke Kao – User Researcher:

“I keep a (faux) furry stole on my nightstand, which I have repurposed from a winter wedding accessory. It covers the top of the nightstand, which is a bit damaged because it’s a thrift store find and also serves as keeping the objects I keep on top cozy. I also have a glass of water (essential), a sleep mask, and two books: ‘A Mercy’ by Toni Morrison and ‘Mediocre’ by Ijeoma Oluo.”

Michelle Wardle – Senior Copywriter:

“Like a stack of 10 books that I’ve only read a chapter of, a coaster, some chapstick, and an old school alarm clock.”

Darin Barnes – Sr. UX Designer:

“A small lamp, a stack of books: read, unread, partially read—including one WAY overdue library book—several glasses of water (think “Signs”), chapstick, and lotion.”

Kyle Foxcroft – Finance Analyst:

“I keep 2 Spider plants & a diffuser on my nightstand.”

We’re not here to judge what you keep on your nightstand, but we do know for a fact that it looks just right next to any Tuft & Needle mattress or bed frame.

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