Picture of a woman and 4 dogs sitting on and around a Tuft & Needle dog bed

Our Dogs Love the Tuft & Needle Dog Bed

November 27, 2019

Author: Josie Sivigny

Ever since we began selling the T&N Original Mattress in 2012, our customers have been asking us to make a version for their pets, and, honestly, we wanted one for our own pups too.

That’s why, when our Dog Bed launched last week, we decided to make it special.

We created a full-blown dog party. We turned a section of Tuft & Needle HQ into a doggie paradise, with treats, toys, and lots of room to run around.

Small black dog sitting on a woman's lap while she is working on her laptop at T&N Headquarters 3 woman sitting around a table with their laptops and 4 dogs hanging around at T&N Headquarters

Our dogs got to test out the new Dog Bed and have their portraits taken by a professional. Who says you can’t put a picture of you and your dog on the family Christmas card?

Small brown and white dog with a bandana on sitting on a T&N Dog Bed White dog getting pet by his owner while he is laying on a T&N Dog Bed Tuft & Needle Employee sitting next to her little black frenchie dog who is laying on the T&N dog bed Golden doodle laying on the large T&N dog bed Miniture Pincher smiling at the camera while sitting on the T&N dog bed

Our pups definitely aren’t camera shy. You can find more pictures of Hugo, Lola, Millie, Gomez, and more on Instagram, where we’re posting photos of all the company pets, from cats to bearded dragons.

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