Do you get what you pay for? Not at a mattress store.

Awaken To The Truth.

Challenge the unknown.

We've all been subjected to over-priced, over-marketed mattresses for too long. And like most people, you've probably accepted that as the status quo. Until now. Let's change that.

Let's end the price gouging.

The reality is that a good, basic mattress should not cost $1,000+. Even $3,000 for the luxury models by the mainstream brands is too much. We're here to tell you why and provide an alternative, so that you can sleep with confidence.

Without the gimmicks.

Tuft & Needle was founded to offer boutique-quality, designer mattresses at a fraction of the cost. We do this without the usual gimmicks you've seen:

  • No falsely advertised features
  • No unfair markups on price
  • No fraudulent discounts

What Mattress Companies Don't Want You To Know.

Mattress Markup Infographic

Traditional retailers mark up mattresses an additional 6-12 times before selling them to you.

When you buy a mattress in these stores, more of your dollars go to pay for the sales commissions, advertising costs and outrageous profits than the actual ingredients of the product.

If you are thinking this doesn't make any sense, yes, this is backwards.

Tuft & Needle vs Other Mattress Co's

Tuft & Needle vs other mattress companies

Today We Are Canceling This Madness.

We design and make our own mattresses here in the USA using a meticulous crafting process and only the finest ingredients. We eliminate unfair markups and middleman fees to deliver a great night's sleep at an honest price.

Tuft & Needle transparency model

Sleep on an honestly crafted mattress at a fair price.

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