Your New Favorite Throw Blanket Is Here

Your New Favorite Throw Blanket Is Here

October 29, 2019

Author: Breanne DeMore

It’s the blanket your mom bought for you when you moved into your dorm room freshman year and tearily folded up at the foot of your bed. Now, you grab it when you’re settling in with your popcorn bowl to watch “Sleepless in Seattle” for the 10,000th time.

It’s the blanket you didn’t register for during wedding planning, but your great aunt saw it and knew you needed. Now you wrap yourself in it when the chills hit during that cold that came out of nowhere.

It’s the blanket your best friend got for you when you had your first baby with a note that said, “Mamas need new blankets, too.” Now your kids share it on Saturday morning during cartoons while you’re making pancakes in the kitchen.

Throw Blanket

Great blankets have staying power. They are soft and cozy and have a little bit of weight to them making them feel significant. They are usually thrown on the back of the couch or across the foot of the bed, because there’s no point in putting them away in a cupboard when you’re just going to use it again in a few hours.

We created our throw blanket to be your new favorite blanket. Knit in a honeycomb texture, it feels traditional yet contemporary, warm yet airy, decorative yet functional. To achieve this, we used an upcylced cotton-polyester blend, which combines upcycled cotton and recycled water bottles to create this smooth, cozy yarn.

Throw blanket on bed

“I wanted to stick with a natural material since it coordinates best with our other current soft goods offerings and offers a familiar feeling to customers,” says product developer Sarah Bata. “A lot of the options we were finding were all synthetic, such as polyesters and nylons, or super expensive, like alpaca and cashmere. So, when we came across this recycled blend, it was really exciting as an option to live in the inbetween space of those two. The cotton gives the blanket a plush, comfortable feel and the polyester adds durability and strength.”

Our Throw Blankets are now available in two beautiful, universal colors: fog, a light gray, and indigo, a bright blue.

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