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Tuft & Needle's Holiday Gift Guide

November 17, 2017

Author: Josie Sivigny

You’ve made your list and checked it twice, now you need to get out there and find the perfect presents for all of your loved ones. A lot goes into the right gift, so we asked our team member, Raleigh, to break down the process and give us all the helpful tips and tricks our Surprise & Delight Team uses to gift our customers.

Keep reading for all the advice and help you need to wow your friends and family in the Tuft & Needle way.

First Things First Create A Budget How many lucky people are you planning to gift this year? Create a budget that will work for all of the people you’re looking to gift and divide it amongst each giftee. Getting a budget first thing will help narrow down what you can/cannot gift. Remember to be respectful of your own finances. You can be generous without breaking the bank.

Search For Items That Are Best In Class After you have your budget, you should have a specific amount to spend on each gift. In this case, you’ll want to find something that will be the most impactful and have the most meaning within the means of your budget.

Take Note Of Dislikes And Interests Does your mom have a food allergy? Does your cousin do monthly bike rides? Does everyone already have T&N’s (We couldn’t resist!)? Find a subject that’s broad enough that you can work off of but that will still be significant and unique to your giftee.

Think About The Packaging The packaging you use and the way you choose to present your gift makes a huge impact on the receiver. Remember, these gifts are a representation of your relationship and will need to speak to that directly. In other words, know your audience. The presentation may also factor into the budget that you have for the gift– keep shipping in mind!

Be Sensitive To Traditions You probably already know this, but it’s worth noting! Recognize that not everyone will celebrate the same holiday you do. Stray away from packaging, cards, and anything that may be geared towards one specific holiday or belief. Holiday themed anything is the way to go when you just aren’t sure.

The Things Your People Are Probably Already Getting Gift Cards Starbucks cards are tempting, but employers love to hand these out, and your buddies are probably starting a nice stockpile to get them through 2018.

Anything Perishable Some gifts may have to take a long journey! The fruit baskets and tins of cookies are delicious, but if they have to make a long trip, it might be best to steer towards longer-lasting gifts. These items are popular and your giftee may already have enough goodies to last through the holidays! We don’t want anything to go to waste.

“Throw Away Gifts” These are gifts that people can’t readily use or will end up in the back of someone’s closet. Think of the reindeer sculpture your Aunt Mary bought you three holidays ago that is now floating around a resale shop somewhere. Keep it meaningful, and keep it useful.

Gag Gifts Unless you’re 100% certain it’s viral Facebook post-worthy, you may want to save the jokes for April.

Some Inspiration From Our Playbooks The Gift Of Giving Think of gifts that you can give in a “pay it forward” type of way to show true compassion. Giving a monetary donation to a local non-profit in their name can really show how well you know someone. Got a dog-lover on that list? Donate to your local shelter and give both the pups and your giftee something to feel great about.

Everyone Loves To Eat, Right? Since sending food isn’t always the best option (See “anything perishable” above.) sending something related to food or entertaining can make for a memorable occasion! Putting together a kit is a good route to go since the gifts will flow nicely together and it’s something that can be used in a single setting or for entertaining. You’re sure to be remembered at any event where this kit makes an appearance.

Get Personal Customizing useful items is a great way to show your friends and family some love. A simple monogram can take a standard object and create a meaningful connection to the recipient for years to come. Ideas We Love: – Napkins, tea towels, etc. – Luggage or passport sleeve – Sheets and pillow cases (Oh, hey! If you’re looking for sheets…) – Throw pillows and blankets – Engraved cutlery

If you’re still looking for some inspiration, here are a few goodies we’ve loved to gift over the years.


Burn Candle Co. | Dandelion Chocolate | Elizabeth W.

Image Credit:imgur - Row of 5 images showing different gifts. From left to right - Candle from Burn Candle Company, Dandelion Chocolate, Lavender Pillow Spray, Herbivore Detox & Calming Soaking Salts, Keep Wild Blanket

Herbivore Botanicals | Keep It Wild Co.

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