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Adjustable Frame

A versatile adjustable bed frame for fine-tuning your sleep.


  • Find your ideal sleep position.
  • Sleek aesthetic, custom comfort, one high-quality bed frame
  • Find the perfect spot for reading, watching TV, or alleviating your (or your partner’s) chronic snoring.

70"W X 82"L X 11"H


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100-Night Trial + 10-Year Limited Warranty + Free Returns

  • Our electric Adjustable Frames let you customize your comfort at the touch of a button. Designed so you can lift your head for comfort while you read or watch TV, or prop up your head and upper body while sleeping, which may help reduce snoring. Elevate your legs to relieve pressure after a long day on your feet. Lift both your head and legs for a floating-like sensation. And for couples who are tired of bickering over the perfect sleep position, we have a Split King Adjustable base option to end your nightly battle once and for all.

    California Residents:

    Adjustable bed frame with a Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress
  • Dimensions

    Adjustable Frame Shipping Box 1 Shipping Box 2
    Queen 78.7" X 58" X 11.3" 76"L x 18"W x 4"H - 75 lbs 76"L x 18"W x 4"H - 68 lbs
    King 78.7" X 74.2" X 11.3" 76"L x 18"W x 4"H - 97 lbs 76"L x 18"W x 4"H - 68 lbs
    Cal King 82.7" X 70.3" X 11.3" 76"L x 18"W x 4"H - 51 lbs 76"L x 18"W x 4"H - 68 lbs
    Split King 78.7" X 37" X 11.3" 76"L x 18"W x 4"H (x2) - 90 lbs 76"L x 18"W x 4"H (x2) - 68 lbs


    78.7"L X 58"W X 11.3"H

    Box Size

    Box 1: 76"L x 18"W x 4"H

    75 lbs

    Box 2: 76"L x 18"W x 4"H

    68 lbs


    78.7"L X 74.2"W X 11.3"H

    Box Size

    Box 1: 76"L x 18"W x 4"H

    97 lbs

    Box 2: 76"L x 18"W x 4"H

    68 lbs

    Split King

    78.7"L X 37"W X 11.3"H

    Box Size

    Box 1(x2): 76"L x 18"W x 4"H

    51 lbs

    Box 2(x2): 76"L x 18"W x 4"H

    68 lbs

    Cal King

    82.7"L X 70.3"W X 11.3"H

    Box Size

    Box 1: 76"L x 18"W x 4"H

    90 lbs

    Box 2: 76"L x 18"W x 4"H

    68 lbs

    Note: Dimensions were measured with the bed in the flat position, on the shortest leg setting, with no guide bar.


    White Stainless Steel

    White Stainless Steel

    Birch-Veneered Wood

    Birch-Veneered Wood


    • Dust frequently with a damp, non-abrasive cloth and immediately wipe dry.
    • If deeper cleaning is necessary, use a damp, non-abrasive cloth and a solution of cool water and mild detergent, immediately wipe dry.
    • Never use solvents, abrasives, or harsh chemicals on the finish.
    • Never leave water on the frame.
    • The frame is not scratch-resistant.
  • Shipping

    This product is delivered by our partner, FedEx, within 7 business days of you placing your order.


    The Adjustable Frame comes with a 10-year limited warranty. For the first 3 years post-purchase, you will have full warranty coverage that includes manufacturing and workmanship defects. After year 3, the electronics, electrical components, and motors are excluded from the warranty, and the customer is responsible for cost of replacement parts and the shipping/service/etc. associated with the repair. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, simply reach out to us at or (877) 842-2586 and we’ll work with you to find a solution.


    All of our products come with a 100-Night Sleep Trial, and a hassle-free return process. If our Adjustable Frame isn’t meeting your expectations, simply reach out to us at or (877) 842-2586.

  • I live in Hawaii. Can you ship the Adjustable Frame to me?
    Currently we are unable to ship our Adjustable Frame to Hawaii or Alaska.
    Will all mattress brands and types work with the Adjustable Frame?
    All of our mattresses, the T&N Original, the Mint, and the Hybrid are compatible with the Adjustable Frame. Most other mattresses should also be suitable for the Adjustable Frame, but if you find that your mattress is not compatible, reach out to us at or (877) 842-2586 and we can help you find a solution.
    What are the differences between King, Split King, and Cal King frames?

    A King is compatible with standard King-sized mattresses. This frame includes one remote that controls the entire frame.

    A Split King is compatible with two Twin XL-sized mattresses. There are two separate remotes that each control one side of the frame. The Split King is recommended for couples who have distinct preferences and want to customize their own separate positions.

    A Cal King is compatible with standard Cal King-sized mattresses. This frame includes one remote that controls the entire frame.

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Take your comfort into your own hands.

Find your ideal settings for sleeping, lounging, and, of course, breakfast in bed.

Simple, Universal Style

We chose to go with a minimal, modern design of birch wood and white stainless steel to fit a variety of styles and room designs. Additionally, the frame base is the same size as our mattress and doesn’t take up any more room than necessary.

Intuitive Controls

With only a few, super straightforward buttons, the remote for our Adjustable Bed Frame is super easy to use and includes a one-touch lay-flat button, clear up and down buttons, and a child lock so this bed frame doesn’t have to become the shiny, new toy in the house.

Preferred Position Presets

Upon delivery, preset buttons 1 and 2 come pre-programmed with zero-gravity and anti-snore positions saved, respectively. However, those presets are completely customizable, so the Adjustable Bed Frame can remember any settings that you select. Whether you want to let your partner pick one preset and you pick the other, or you save one for reading at night and one for sleeping, the presets are completely up to you.

Product Features

Features that give you a leg up on sleep.

Adjustable Bed Frame 5 Features Diagram
  • 1. Easy Assembly

    Everything you need is included in the box.

  • 2. Range of Motion

    Both head and legs move up and down.

  • 3. Convenient Settings

    Saved position presets, lay-flat, and child lock buttons.

  • 4. Adjustable Foundation Height

    Two settings to fit your preferred height.

  • 5. Easy-to-Use Remote

    Wireless and backlit for use at night.

Start adjusting to a better night’s rest.

You control your comfort.

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress on an adjustable frame

Our promise to you.

We disrupted a $15 billion industry armed with two things: an amazing product and an incredible customer experience. Today, we continue to make thoughtfully-designed products to make sleep a priority for our customers so they Wake Up Better™.

We believe your experience is of the utmost importance, which is why you can always rely on the Tuft & Needle Promise.

Our Brand Values

  • 100-night trial

  • Hassle-free limited warranty

  • Quick, simple financing

  • Free shipping and returns*

    Additional fees may apply in AK and HI.
  • Award-winning customer service