What is Spooning?

There’s nothing better than hopping into bed and snuggling up with a loved one to stay warm during the cold winter months. But did you know that cuddling has other benefits too? Not only can snuggling bring you and your significant other closer together, but it can also trigger the release of your body’s “feel good” hormone, oxytocin

There are a lot of different ways to cuddle, but the most popular, and the most intimate snuggle-style is spooning. Read on to learn more about the benefits of cuddling and how you can become a A+ spooning partner.


While the act of spooning has likely been around since the beginning of humankind (animals do it too!), the name is believed to have emerged in 19th century Wales. According to Welsh tradition, men would carve pieces of wood into spoons with intricate designs and gift them to their significant other as a declaration of love. Eventually, spooning became a term used to describe flirtatious behavior between couples and potential suitors—and later, a colloquialism for sex. 


Whenever we hear the word spooning today we think of cuddling, but it can be so much more! 

For those who aren’t familiar with the famous snuggle position, spooning happens when one person lays with their front side coddling another’s back and behind—just like two spoons stacked up in a drawer. It's a comfortable and natural cuddling position, perfect for getting cozy with your cuddle buddy, friend, partner, or pet. 


Spooning can be platonic or erotic, depending on the level of intimacy you have with your partner. As a platonic act, spooning can bring warmth, trust, and love to a friendship, while providing both cuddle partners with a beneficial dose of non-sexual intimacy.

For those in romantic relationships, spooning can be sexy too. Not only is it a popular sex position, but it’s also a great way to cool down after having a little fun in the bedroom. 

Spooning Positions

The Classic Spoon

The best way to spoon is to lay side-by-side, with one person (the big spoon), cuddling another person (the little spoon), front to back. This position is cozy and intimate, but might be a little too close for hot sleepers to stay comfy all night.

Spoon to Spoon

Think of this position as traditional spooning reversed. In this position, both spoons lay with their backs against each other. This position is great for platonic cuddling as it allows both partners to experience intimacy without getting sexual. The spoon-to-spoon position is also an excellent cuddling position for the summer months, as it generates less heat than the traditional position. 

The Ball and Spoon

The ball-and-spoon position is similar to the traditional spooning position, only in this case, the small spoon lays with their knees pressed up toward their belly— sort of like a ball of ice cream in a scooper. 

The Spork

The spork is just like the traditional position, only in this case the big spoon intertwines their legs with the little spoon, while keeping their arms draped across the little spoon’s upper body. 

Big Spoon, Little Spoon

In this position, the little spoon faces the big spoon, front to front. The little spoon then curls up in a fetal position, snuggling up into the big spoon’s chest and legs. 

Spoons in the Drawer

In this intimate cuddling position one person lays on their back while the other lays directly on top of them, resting their head on the other’s neck and chest, just like two spoons stacked up in a drawer. 

The Switch

If you and your partner tend to be set in your ways, switch it up! Just because one person is larger than the other doesn’t mean they have to play the big spoon whenever they cuddle. Everyone deserves a chance to be the little spoon. 

Older couple cuddling

Other Popular Cuddling Positions

Spooning isn’t everyone’s favorite cuddling position. Not only can it be difficult to fall asleep, but some people also find it to be too hot or too intimate. Read on for our selection of top feel good cuddling positions for you and your partner below:


This cuddling position is exactly how it sounds. Two people lie in bed with their backs to one another, pressing their butts and/or backs together for a more intimate version of solo sleeping. 

Hugging Legs

This cuddle position is a great way to cuddle while sleeping. In hugging legs, two people assume their regular sleep position, then one out-stretches a leg and drapes it over the leg of the other, like a pretzel. 

The Chest Pillow

In this popular snuggle position one person lays on their back while the other lays on their side, wrapping one leg and one arm around the other’s body before nuzzling into their chest and neck.

At the end of the day, the best cuddling position is one that’s comfortable for both you and your snuggle buddy. 

Wondering if cuddling helps you sleep? Find out here.

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