Tuft & Needle + Calm Meditation Cushion Giveaway

Calm | Tuft & Needle Mental Health Awareness Month Giveaway

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Tyler Norris
Tyler Norris

Arguably the biggest head at the company (and he means that literally), Tyler Norris is the Email and Loyalty Manager at Tuft & Needle, a DTC Mattress Brand aimed at fixing what’s wrong with the industry. Focusing mainly on marketing automation and segmentation, Tyler pairs people with the content they should, not could, be getting. He’s been thinking that way since he studied English education at ASU, worked at various digital marketing agencies, and served a brief stint in the cannabis industry. Some refer to Tyler as “A dope marketeer”, but to mom he’s just “Ty-guy.” An Arizona native, Tyler’s lost count of the amount of times he’s used the phrase “It’s a dry heat.” It is, by the way.

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