Ambassador Approved: Top Cooling Picks for Cooling Comfort

Our in-house sleep experts know how to sleep well. That's why we're tapping them for recommendations on all things sleep for our new series, Ambassador Approved. With their inside knowledge and in-store experience, they can help create the perfect bedroom setup for every individual sleeper. This time around, we're asking what their cooling must-haves are for hot sleepers and all those heat waves still happening this month. Ready to sleep cool? Read on for their top picks for cooling comfort.

Sleep Ambassador Jennifer's Top Sleep Cooling Product Pick Pictured: Down Alternative Duvet Insert by Tuft & Needle

Jennifer's Top Pick: Down Alternative Duvet Insert ($170+)

"My go-to product for a cool and comfy summer is the lightweight Down Alternative Duvet Insert.", says Jennifer. You can even choose from two weights no matter if you like a lighter or cozier duvet feel.

Sleep Ambassador Melissa's Top Cooling Sleep Product Pick Pictured: Original Foam Pillow by Tuft & Needle

Melissa's Top Pick: Original Foam Pillow ($100+)

"I am a toasty sleeper at night and since the Original Foam Pillow has our cooling properties in it, it's considered a no-flip pillow. One of my favorites!", says Melissa. Available in standard and king sizes.

Sleep Ambassador Jason's Top Sleep Cool Product Pick Pictured: Linen Duvet Cover by Tuft & Needle

Jason's Top Pick: Linen Sheets ($240+) & Linen Duvet Cover ($240+)

"The Linen Sheets and Linen Duvet Cover combo. The breathability is top notch, and I never feel hot or damp while I sleep.", says Jason. Available in a calming palette that looks great monotone or mixed and matched.

Ready for a bedroom makeover? Shop our cooling mattresses, bedding, and wellness essentials for you best night's sleep yet!

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