Sleep Resolutions for every type of resolution-er

There is always a lot of talk about New Year’s resolutions this time of year and we certainly don’t want to just add to the chatter. However, we would hate to miss this opportunity to remind you of the importance of sleep in your day-to-day life and plug prioritizing sleep in 2021. So, we have put together a quick list of sleep resolutions for every type of resolution-er—from the resolution non-believer, all the way to the manifesting, goal-setting planner. 

The Resolution Non-Believer

Not everyone is super into setting resolutions, and we get it. We can’t help to view January as an opportunity to try something new or start a new chapter, but that doesn’t mean that everyone needs to put a ton of weight into it. For these people, we have some easy suggestions that could potentially have a big impact.

 Reading for 15 minutes before bed
Ideally, with a real book or a non-blue light device, but we won’t get too picky for our low-maintenance readers. Instead of scrolling through your feed filled with memes about the latest political debacle and photos of your high school enemy’s beautiful house and perfect little family, try reading. Studies show it reduces stress by up to 68%. How? It’s a simple distraction from everyday stresses giving your mind a break.

Open book on bed with glasses on top 

Experiment with your room’s temperature
For most people, the best room temperature for the most comfortable is a chilly 65 degrees F. However, doctors recommend anywhere between 60 and 67 degrees F recognizing that everybody is different. Experiment to find the best temperature for you.

 A new pillow
Sometimes the simplest thing can have the biggest impact. Our pillows are a team and customer favorite and can help provide the ideal amount of cushioned comfort for your head and neck while still maintaining support, so you don’t feel like you’re falling through and sleep flat on your mattress. Both our Original Foam Pillow and Down Alternative Pillow Set come with a 100-Night Sleep Trial so you can be sure it’s a good fit.


The Hopeful Realist

If you’re someone who appreciates crossing each item off your “To-Do” list and makes sure you’re always working toward something attainable, this section is for you. These resolutions are slightly more of a commitment but have the potential of having a big impact.

 Set a time to stop screens
It’s a fairly well-known fact that blue light has a negative effect on your sleep. It counters your natural circadian rhythm by suppressing the release of melatonin. Try to set a time, an hour or two before you hope to fall asleep, every night where you stop looking at your phone and turn the TV off. 

A woman's hands scrolling through photos on a phone.

Add a sound machine
Sounds machines, or white noise machines, can be a super-effective way of drowning out unwanted noises as you try to fall asleep and stay asleep. It can also, eventually, become a reliable part of your routine that helps to tell your brain to go to sleep once you turn it on. 

 A mattress topper
Tossing and turning a bit and not finding your mattress as comfortable as you used to? If you’re not ready to fully replace your mattress, sometimes a mattress topper can help you get a bit more comfortable on your current mattress. Our topper is made of super responsive, open-cell foam so it will have a slight bounce and shouldn’t get too hot as you sleep.


The Manifesting, Goal-Setting Planner

If you’re in this group, you surely have all of your resolutions set and underway for 2021. But we also know that you very well may be opened to another challenge—or you’re realizing how much your sleep is affecting your other goals. Either way, we’re glad you’re here and we have some great suggestions for you. 

This probably isn’t news, but the studies behind meditation and sleep are pretty much unanimous. The good news is that the resources for meditation are pretty much endless. Youtube has a lot of great videos if you’re just getting started. For those ready for a bigger commitment, Calm is a wonderful app for any sort of meditation. Plus, we have the perfect accessory to make sure you stay comfortable while staying present. 

Woman on meditating with headphones on cushion. 

Set a bedtime for yourself
It sounds simple, but it can be very difficult for people—especially in the age of binge-watching. Set a bedtime for yourself and stick to it. Make sure to give yourself a solid 7-9 hours from when you need to wake up. A routine is one of the best things we can do for our sleep. 

 Upgrade your mattress
We know, we know. We’ve tried to sell you a decent amount in this post, but we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t truly think we could help. If you’re not sleeping well and have tried several other options, it very well could be your mattress. We have three great mattresses to choose from and they each come with a 100-Night Sleep Trial so you have plenty of time to make sure it is the best mattress for you. 

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Breanne DeMore
Breanne DeMore

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