Sleep better, avoid falling for April Fools.

Tis the season to stay on high alert for those pesky emails and social media posts trying to trick you.

Because we would never want to get your hopes up about a phony product, we’ve put together the ultimate resource to stay ahead of the game and avoid the heartbreak of falling for a fool. 

Couple laying in bed together.

1. Get a full night’s rest.

It’s easier to spot a fool if you’re well-rested. And since we’re a bedding company, we’re pretty much pros at helping you achieve that. In fact, we had our own in-house sleep pro, JD, put together a whole blog post about maximizing your slumber. Trust us, we know that good sleep is no joke.



Astronaut floating above the earth in space.

2. Consider the source

While the world’s first moon hotel might seem on-brand for someone like Elon Musk, does it seem plausible that your favorite toothpaste brand is going to be the first one to win the resort space race? Probably not. Consider the sender before falling for this classic fool. 


Cocktail sitting on the edge of a table.

3. Is it a product you would buy?

Sure we all could benefit from a bathing suit with a built-in blender (poolside frozen drinks, anyone?) but does it really sound like a great idea to be integrating blades into your bikini? While some of these fools might have you thinking they’re not the worst idea you’ve ever heard, they’re definitely not the best, either. Safe to flag those as a fool.


Two women laughing in bed while browsing the internet.

4. Don’t feel shame if you share.

We’ve all fallen for a well-placed fool once or twice, so if you do ending up forwarding a too-real-sounding one to everyone in your address booking like your great aunt with a chain letter, don’t worry. This holiday is all about having a little fun, and it’s safe to say everyone could use a good laugh these days.


Couple sleeping in bed.

5. Did we mention rest up?

Studies show you are 5,000,000% more alert when you actually get some sleep so you just may be able to catch when a brand is actually pulling your leg. 

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