Cheers to 6 Years! We Have a Huge Announcement.

In addition to celebrating our 6 year anniversary, we have a huge announcement. We're excited to share with you that Tuft & Needle will be merging with Serta Simmons Bedding, the company that built the household name brands of Serta, Simmons, Beautyrest and Tomorrow Sleep.

We are about to become the largest sleep company in the world, and together we will redefine this industry to be one that customers love.

We founded Tuft & Needle in 2012 because of a terrible mattress shopping experience. When we first started, we weren't sure if it was going to work. But it took off, and it took off because of you. You shared our story and spread the word, allowing us to keep marketing costs low while creating the high-quality, affordable products you helped shape.

AND WE'VE GROWN. We started with a personal investment of $6,000, and just last year we crossed $170 million in sales. Since then, we've served over a million happy sleepers, achieved the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry, and grown our team from the two of us to over 150 employees who love serving our customers. We started with our one T&N Mattress, and over the last couple years launched the Mint Mattress, as well as over a dozen new products based on your feedback.

There's clearly been disruption in the mattress industry. We've architected and catalyzed this change in the market together — with our team and with our customers. As of today, through our merger with the largest sleep company in the world, we’ve taken the next step in fundamentally changing the industry.

This merger solidifies Tuft & Needle's everlasting permanence. We’re keeping all of our promises that we’ve made for the last five years, including warranties, product quality, return policy, and customer service. But now we are able to take everything you love about T&N to the next level.

Everyone at Tuft & Needle is very excited. We've built a fantastic team by focusing on hiring people who are incredibly hard-working, really smart and most importantly, very kind. Customer experience has always been at the heart of all our decisions as a company. We’re now able to make it the driving force behind Serta Simmons Bedding, as well.

Daehee and I will join the Serta Simmons leadership team to continue evolving our company inside and out. And in this new chapter, together we can now completely transform the entire mattress industry to have our same relentless customer focus — from retail stores, policies and warranties, to products, material science, and innovation. You are the reason we get to do what we love, and we promise to continue making the best products and offering incredible value.

Tuft & Needle will remain a distinct, independent brand, and our HQ will continue to thrive here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Thank you to all our customers, partners and advisors for all your support — we still have a long way to go. We'll need your help: please continue to send us your feedback, ideas, and issues so that we can continue this journey together. And as always, if you have questions about your product, you can reach out to our customer experience team at

Love, JT & Daehee and the whole Tuft & Needle Team

To learn more about our merger with Serta Simmons Bedding, check out the press release: Press Release

To stay up to date, please follow us on facebook and twitter @tuftandneedle To keep up with us founders, follow us on twitter @johnmarino @daehee

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T&N Team
T&N Team

Tuft & Needle, a Phoenix-based mattress company, is leading the revolution against mattress markups, poor customer service, and inferior products by creating exceptional, honestly priced products, and redefining the purchasing experience.

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