Create the Best New Dad Survival Kit

How do new dads prepare for a baby?

Having a brand new baby is usually exciting for new parents, but it can also be overwhelming. Moms and dads have so much to prepare for, like getting all of the right baby essentials, putting a nursery together, and making their home a clean, safe place for a baby. New parents are also preparing emotionally for parenthood and the many changes that come with adding to your family.

Dads have a lot to be ready for, but it’s not always clear what dads need to do or have. Getting your home just right and taking care of a new little human will be demanding and stressful, and that’s why having a new dad survival kit can make a huge difference during this big change. Whether you want to gift a cute and coordinated survival kit for a new dad, or are a dad yourself gathering all the best essentials, we’ve got you covered!

Best ideas for a new dad survival kit

Dads need to take care of themselves and have the best baby basics to keep stress levels low and give your baby a wonderful experience. Involved dads can make a huge difference in a baby’s life, which means dads need to be on their A-game. Dads can be better partners and fathers with a little planning ahead, and these ideas can make for the perfect gift for your partner or yourself!

1. Food and snacks

Nutrition is important for parents, especially when the demand of caring for a new baby kicks in. Less sleep and big emotions are all the more reason to give your body the proper nutrients and energy that it needs. It also doesn’t hurt to indulge a little with a favorite treat—sometimes a delicious pick-me-up can be the perfect reward after a long day.

Add both nutritious snacks and treats to your survival kit to give new dads the energy and payoff of taking care of all things baby.

2. Self-care

Long days can start catching up with tired parents. Having fresh, new toiletries at the ready for a new dad reminds them that they should take care of themselves too. The baby will be looking fresh with cute outfits and baby baths, and a new body wash or shaving cream is a great way to stay clean and happy as a daddy.

3. Baby basics

Prepared dads have all the right tools in their arsenal. Diaper bag essentials, baby wipes, a changing pad, baby creams, and anything else dads need on hand. A fun way to liven up baby basics is including daddy-related toys, books, and clothes. This is a great way to feel connected to your baby!


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New parents need sleep too

New parents are busy, and getting enough sleep is hard, especially if you’re stressed day and night. Whether you work full-time and come home to help with baby duties, or if you’re staying home with the kids, dads need sleep and breaks, too. Getting a good night’s rest is critical for both your personal health as a parent and the sake of your children.

Make it easy! Comfortable pajamas, eye masks, or a new pillowcase can go a long way to making sleep easier and can round out your new dad survival kit. You also want to make sure you have the right mattress for you and your body. Improving your sleep could also look like a new mattress topper that has the right firmness and bounce you need. Tuft & Needle products are designed to be soft and comfy without compromising bounce or support, so you can find the right fit for you.

From fresh sheets, to a comfy new pillow, to a cozy new duvet, we have everything you need to help you and your family get the rest you need.

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