Gives Back | 2020 Community Donations

At Tuft & Needle, giving back to the community where we work is in our DNA. From donating our returned mattresses to our rapidly growing network of over 350 charities, we take pride in knowing that we're helping more people get a good night's sleep. Whether it's a group of firefighters, children who are sleeping on the floor, or a family getting back on their feet after homelessness, we're proud to provide donations in many forms.

The Tuft & Needle Gives Back Team partners local organizations in our community to provide mattresses (and happy Zzzs!) to those in need.

As we continue to grow, we are excited to expand our mission of bringing better sleep to those in need within our community. We believe everyone deserves a good night of sleep, and grant donations to organizations who support the fight to end homelessness as well as firehouses that support our communities.

Our 2020 community giving program started the year with a revamped donation process that allows us to more directly donate to organizations in need who align with our mission.

Nonprofits can now apply for product donations for the following quarter through our Donation Application. This improved process helps our Gives Back Team forecast our donations while allowing us to support as many organizations as possible.

Q1 of 2020 saw over 30 applications for mattress donations, and after narrowing down backed on the causes and needs of each organization, Tuft & Needle Gives Back awarded various sized bulk donations to the following groups:

Kaleidoscope Youth Center

United Maricopa County Firefighters

Arizona Fire and Medical Authority

Sleep in Heavenly Peace–Phoenix, AZ Chapter

Furnishing Dignity

Special Service for Groups

Homestead Women's Recovery, Inc. 

If you are a nonprofit that aligns with our mission, we welcome your request for future product donations. While we strive to help support the community in many ways, please note that due to the number of requests we receive, we are simple unable to accommodate all requests.

Request form (found here) will be open according to the following schedule:
Quarter 2 2020: Apply 3/1-3/31
Quarter 3 2020: Apply 6/1-6/30
Quarter 4 2020: Apply 9/1-9/30

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T&N Team

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