5 Hacks to Up Your Bed-Making Game

Making a bed is something we’ve all been doing since we were kids.

Even the most skilled of us out there struggle to do it quickly and efficiently from time to time. These time-saving hacks will make putting your bed together quicker and easier than ever, you'll wonder why you spent so much time suffering.

Don’t fight your duvet The only thing worse than wrestling your duvet into a cover is having to do it solo. It seems like an insurmountable task, but with this genius rolling method, you’ll never lose another battle with your bedding again. It’s so simple, you’ll be mad you didn’t think of it years ago.

Hospital corners make for the ultimate tidy bed The just-slept, disheveled look is certainly having a moment on Instagram right now, but if you like your bedding to look neat and tidy, hospital corners keep your sheets smooth and in place like nothing else can.

  • Pull your fitted sheet onto your bed, make sure it fits nicely. It’s okay if it’s a little roomy! The top sheet will tuck everything in, like Spanx for your mattress.
  • Lay your top sheet over your mattress, centered so it hangs evenly on both sides.
  • Tuck excess fabric along the foot of your bed under the mattress, running your hands under it to make sure it lays flat. The ends of your sheet will now hang on the sides of your mattress.
  • Lift the excess fabric of the top half of your sheet upward and over the top of the mattress, creating a 45 degree angle with the corner of your mattress.
  • Tuck the remaining fabric on the bottom under your mattress like you did at the foot of the bed.
  • Let the top part of your sheet fall and pull so that it perfectly aligns with the corner of the mattress, smoothing out the rest of the lines.
  • Adjust as needed, and tuck the corner under the mattress.
  • Repeat on the other side.

Keep your pillows in shape A well-loved trick from our retail team ensures that your decorative pillows stand up nice and straight without falling over: give ‘em a little karate chop in the middle of the top and they’ll stay in place. The fervor with which you approach this task is totally up to you—but we’ve found that sound effects somehow make them look even better.

Layered looks Part of making your bed look as welcoming and plush as possible is strategically layering bedding so that it’s still functional, but looks cozy. Adding your duvet as a folded accent on the end of your bed in warmer seasons, for example, helps with the fluffy vibe, but is easily removed when you’re ready for bed. Here are a few tips to make your bed look display-worthy.

  • Fold your duvet in half toward the end of the bed, and then fold the top layer back on itself toward the head of the bed. It will create a voluminous look without needing extra blankets.
  • Adding a chunky knitted throw blanket across the end of your bed can really pump up the comfy factor. The contrast in texture helps it stand out as a fun accent piece, and you can switch up the look of your bed without purchasing all new bedding every time.
  • Accent pillows are inexpensive ways to bring the vibe of your room to your bed. You don’t have to invest much in these since they aren’t for use, but you can play with color and texture.
  • A bed skirt isn’t necessary for a lot of frames, but if you want to amp up the look of a simple box spring setup, it’s an inexpensive and low-commitment way to change up colors and looks.
  • A tray with fresh flowers and your favorite books can also bring a burst of the outdoors in, which makes every room feel thoughtful and colorful.

Fold your fitted sheet like a pro Folding fitted sheets can be a total pain—because you’re doing it wrong. Allegedly, folding a fitted sheet can be as easy as just a few steps. This process is probably best represented by this video, although if we’re being honest we end up looking more like this gal:


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