Can You Really Order A Mattress Online And Have It Shipped To Your Doorstep?

You’re used to FedEx dropping off your late-night online shopping purchases, but a mattress delivered to your door? It seems a little far-fetched, but hundreds of thousands of shoppers are opting for an online mattress over the traditional store and mattress delivery experience.

How Exactly Do You Get A Mattress In A Box? It seems complicated, but e-commerce mattress companies have gotten it down to a pretty smooth science, getting your bed in a box is easier than ever. Compression is key, and most use a strong vacuum seal to shrink the cured mattress to a more manageable size. Once the mattress is flattened and shrunk to about 80% of its original size, they typically add an additional layer of plastic to help protect it should it encounter any less-than-sunny weather.

Once the mattress is sealed and tightly wrapped, it gets a fancy box to travel home in. You’ll just have to pull it out of the box, unroll the plastic, and cut into the sealed layer to allow air to enter and start puffing your mattress back to its original state.

Pro Tip: Fight your excitement and get the mattress into your bedroom before unrolling it, especially if you’re bringing it upstairs!

…And They Just Leave It For You? That’s all there is to it! When you get home you’ll be greeted by your new mattress, patiently waiting to lull you to sleep.

Of course, if you don’t want your mattress hanging out on your front porch, there are other options as well. Depending on the carrier service, you likely can have your package held at a local facility for pickup, or request a signature to make sure that you’re home at the time of delivery. Contact your mattress company’s customer service team to hear about the options you may have!

What If I Don’t Like It—How In The World Do You Get It Back In The Box? This may vary by company as well, but you shouldn’t have to worry about getting that mattress back into a box! Although, if you’re able to, we’d like to see a photo because that’s quite the feat!

Most companies offer a pick up service if you decide to return your mattress. These options can range from recycling services to returning the mattress to the company itself. Here at Tuft & Needle we typically arrange for a local charity to pick the mattress up and find it a new home with someone in need!

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Shelly Weaver-Cather
Shelly Weaver-Cather

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