You and Your Best Friend Will Love Our Newest Product

You’re in the kitchen perfecting the arrangement of your charcuterie board when the doorbell rings.

Your pup is first to the entryway, as always, but your husband is right on his tail. “Welcome to the new place!” he says, beaming as he ushers in your first guests. “Fido and I will give you the grand tour.”

As you lift your wooden plank, balancing carefully so as not to lose an olive, you hear your friends’ voices drifting in from the guest room: “Whoa, this is a really nice bedroom set!”

You relax into the couch with a glass of red, as you wait for everyone to join. Fido comes into the room first and puts his head in your lap, looking up at you with big puppy dog eyes. (He loves you, but he also definitely caught a whiff of human food)

“What is that?” Your guests have re-entered the room, and you follow their gaze to a new piece of furniture you just bought online last week. “It’s kind of gorgeous.”

Right on cue, Fido prances over and curls up in his now-favorite nap spot, resting his head on the wide edge. Fido has taken to it quickly. Based on their reactions, it seems your friends have too.

Coming on Nov. 19⁠—a brand new, much anticipated product for you and your furry friends. In the meantime, here’s a hint.

Gif of dog trying to drink wine

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Katrina Montgomery
Katrina Montgomery

Katrina works on the public relations team at Tuft & Needle, a digitally-native mattress company that pioneered the bed-in-a-box trend, where she is responsible for elevating the brand through media relations and communications. Previously, she led marketing and PR efforts for the ASU Art Museum, shaping the way audiences experienced the museum both online and in person. She began her career as a local arts journalist in Phoenix, Arizona and still writes about the intersections of culture and technology today. She holds a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University and is a current MBA candidate at the W.P. Carey School of Business.

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