You Are Now Cleared for Drift-off: Tuft & Needle Partners With JetBlue Airways

In a world of air travel where it feels like seats are getting narrower and legroom is getting shorter, it’s long been time to reimagine the comfort we deserve when we fly—without the astronomical cost of a first-class ticket.

We’re excited to announce our exclusive partnership with JetBlue Airways to elevate flyers’ expectations. As part of JetBlue’s brand new Mint inflight experience launching Fall 2020, passengers can expect custom Sleep Kits, blankets, and pillows on JetBlue flights, all thoughtfully designed by the Tuft & Needle team in collaboration with JetBlue.

Our sole intention with these new inflight products is for passengers to feel like they’ve never left the comforts of home. The individually packaged Sleep Kits include a comfy sleep mask, socks, ear plugs, and a toothbrush set so you can freshen up before landing. To minimize waste, our custom Sleep Kit comes in a laundered fabric bag and utilizes kraft paper components instead of single-use plastic packaging. The oversized travel blanket features snaps to create a warm pocket for your feet, or snap it around your shoulders to make a snuggly shawl. Inside the pillow, we’ve included a layer of memory foam to make sure you can get supportive rest—a far cry from the typical airline pillows made only with poly fill that provide little-to-no support.

We really couldn’t be more proud to present this new collaboration to JetBlue passengers and elevate their inflight experience to new heights, at an affordable price.

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Erin Cline
Erin Cline

Erin Cline is a Copywriter at Tuft & Needle and a Phoenix native who began her writing career in 2011. She excels at karaoke and making jokes in uncomfortable situations. Erin has one dog-ter named Baila, loves donuts, and hates mushrooms and raisins. Craisins are fine.

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