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Highest Quality, Best Price And Most Reviewed, All With The Lowest Return Rate

All the Internet has spoken, here's some highlights:

Tuft & Needle pioneered the direct-to-consumer mattress industry in 2012 and hasn’t stopped innovating since. Determined to disrupt more than just the mattress industry, T&N has moved beyond the bedroom but hasn’t forgotten its original mission—to do away with everything consumers hate about the mattress industry and offer high-quality, fairly-priced products for everyone.

But we both know that we're biased, so don’t just take it from us.

"Talking about my favorite tools for sleeping! Yes I mean tools! I love my sleep so I don’t mess around! These are my go tos!” -Beverly Mitchell , Actress & Blogger

"I am so obsessed with this mattress that I actually had to Google the thing where people become in love and want to marry inanimate objects." -Apartment Therapy Top Lifestyle Blog

"This mattress was the perfect combination of cozy and firm." -Real Simple , TV & Magazine

“If you like your mattress to offer comfortable yet firm support, the Tuft & Needle Mattress should help you sleep soundly.” -Business Insider

"...so comfortable, you may never want to sleep on anything else again." -Buzzfeed

“An online mattress retailer that prides itself on transparency, fair price, and ensuring customers are happy with their product.” -Forbes

"Phoenix-based Tuft & Needle made a splash in the mattress industry, by doing things their own way." -ABC 15

“Even when I'm in bed I love to feel and look like a princess!! Thank you @tuftandneedle for my most comfortable mattress ever." -@Txunamy , Instagram Sensation

Tuft & Needle Co-Founders

Now you know why our competitors are losing sleep.

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T&N Team
T&N Team

Tuft & Needle, a Phoenix-based mattress company, is leading the revolution against mattress markups, poor customer service, and inferior products by creating exceptional, honestly priced products, and redefining the purchasing experience.

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