Spring sleep swaps: stay cool hunny bunny.

It’s that time of year, folks. The days are getting longer, most of the world springs forward, signs of life start to appear in your garden. But what of your sleep setup? Surely your comfort needs in throes of spring are different than in the depths of winter? We’ve got you covered. Here are the spring swaps we are making to stay cool and comfy. 

Tuft and Needle percale sheets

Jersey sheets > Percale sheets


First things first: sheets. There’s nothing like the soft coziness of Jersey Sheets to curl up in during winter, but who wants that when the weather starts to turn? Switch them out for a crisp cotton Percale, (and get those light linens ready for summer!)  

Woman sleeping on bed with a Tuft and Needle quilt.


Duvet > Quilt


The dense, fluffy, down duvet is our savior throughout the colder part of the year. In fact, we love it so much it becomes hard to leave it on the bed. The duvet became a feature for movie nights and the occasional (video off) zoom meeting too this year, but it’s time to pack it away. What’s our alternative of choice? Well, there are always lighter duvet options, but we love a good quilt too. 


Woman wearing a Lunya silk robe.

Flannel PJs > Summer PJs 


Anybody else have a tradition of getting some soft pajamas for Christmas? Personally, I’d be super upset if I didn’t, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be in rotation until next year. Swap out the flannel for something sleeker, throw a robe on it, and pretend you’re the star of an old french movie when you step out in the sunshine to sip your coffee.

Woman painting her toes.

Slippers > At-home pedicure


Ok, so this one isn’t a like-for-like swap. But is it time to get those tootsies ready to brave the world? Oh yeah. They’ve probably been caged all winter, confined to socks, slippers, and snow boots. Soon enough, summer will come knocking and you want feet ready for barefoot adventures in waterfalls, on beaches, and hanging out of a hammock! Here’s an at-home pampering kit to indulge those toes. 

Woman wearing a sleep mask in bed.

Fuzzy mask > Silky mask


You all know by now that I am an eye mask connoisseur. If like me, you happen to have multiple sleep masks, it’s time to swap from your fluffy winter mask to your silky spring mask. If you don’t, I recommend something silky and lightweight, big enough to block out the light of that earlier dawn. 

Pillow mist by Mersea

Winter scent > Spring scent


The ultimate sleepscape covers all of the senses. There are a few different ways to scent your room, from room sprays to pillow sprays to diffusers. If you utilize any of these (lavender to induce sleep, anyone?) put away the cedar and cinnamon and bust out some fresh spring smells. 

Woman stretching while using a Chili Sleep blanket

Weighted blanket > Cooling pad 


Now I know that some of us are lost without our weighted blankets all year round. In which case, you can always switch to one of these cooling options. However, if you are more interested in keeping your temperature comfortable, a chili blanket will take that to the next level. 



Got an innovative sleep solution for the switch of the seasons? We’d love to hear about it. Tweet us some of your favorite spring swaps. 

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