Take the 8-Hour Sleep Challenge with the T&N Team

It sounds ambitious—setting aside eight hours every single night just for sleep.

Can’t you just scrape by with five, or on a great night, six hours of sleep? Who actually gets eight hours in on a regular basis?

Click to see why our team is taking the 8-Hour Sleep Challenge.

That’s what we thought, too. The irony is obvious to us—we’re a sleep company that often struggles to prioritize the very thing we’re selling to people each and every day. But we’re no different than any other team working any other job. We’re up late catching up on Game of Thrones, we have small kiddos and needy dogs, we’re waking up with new ideas and running at them full speed.

When we started to discover the realities of sleep deprivation, we knew we needed to take action. We are in the perfect position to make these known and help do something about it.

We’re taking back our sleep, and we want you to join us. Nearly two-thirds of adults in the US are chronically sleep deprived, a fact that we both fear and know all too well. Sleep deprivation leads to a host of short term and long term issues, and we’re not just talking those string of sleepless nights before a stressful presentation or when your toddler gets sick. Sleeping less than seven hours a night starts to take its toll. That’s right, under seven is considered sleep deprivation.

To celebrate Sleep Awareness Month, we’re asking our customers to Take the 8-Hour Sleep Challenge™ and put our products to the test. With every mattress purchased in March, we’re including a copy of “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker, PhD—an eye-opening collection of observations about the process of sleep that hopefully won’t cost you too much shuteye.

Click to check out Mattew Walker, PhD on The Joe Rogan Experience #1109.

We believe great sleep starts with the right products, which is why we back our mattresses with a 100-Night Sleep Trial—that’s 800 hours of sleep. If you aren’t getting a full, restorative night’s sleep, we want you to return your mattress and find one that fits your needs better.

We also want to see how getting your 8 hours impacts your day-to-day life, so share your journey with us on Facebook or Instagram with #8hoursleepchallenge. Every week for the month of March we’ll be giving away the full Tuft & Needle collection to a lucky winner and their friend.

PS—Don’t miss out on our Mint Bundle, all month long we’ll be offering free T&N Pillows with any Mint Mattress purchase!

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T&N Team
T&N Team

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