Tuft & Needle Sleep Ambassador Program: Win a prize package designed with your sleep in mind

Only 10% of parents get the sleep they need. We want to change that.


Every new parent has heard it in some form or another. “Say goodbye to a good night’s sleep.” “It’s all downhill from here.” “Welcome to parenthood!”

A new baby is an exciting and overwhelming time for most parents, and having a baby is of course life-changing. New routines, diaper changes, feeding schedules, and temperamental babies can make getting enough sleep difficult

But even though being a new parent is tiring, moms and dads don’t have to simply accept that they’re stuck with sleep exhaustion for the rest of their lives.

This is why Tuft & Needle is excited to announce our brand new 2021 Sleep Ambassador Program!

Our goal is to help educate new parents and connect them with experts to foster a new standard of sleep for parents. New parents can get the sleep they both need and deserve as they welcome their new baby into the world. 

Collaborating with partners like Oura Ring, SNOOZ, and others, we’ll teach new parents the best ways to get not just more sleep, but better sleep, even while caring for their newborn.

What Will the Prize Package Include?

Regular people who are struggling to sleep with a new baby will get access to exclusive content and a prize package and cash. Some of these benefits ambassadors and influencers will get are:

  • Sleep tips, in-depth materials, and even personal sleep counseling sessions from our Tuft & Needle sleep expert, JD.
  • A new Tuft & Needle mattress
  • An Oura ring
  • A White Noise Machine by Tuft & Needle + SNOOZ
  • 1-year subscription to the Storybook App
  • A Calm subscription
  • A $500 babysitting prize

What Will the Ambassadors Provide?

So, what will the ambassadors do? In return for these benefits, ambassadors and influencers will provide:

  • Regular social media posts updating people about the ambassador program and showing their progress
  • Statistics from their personal Oura ring to show their sleep improvement over the course of the program
  • Videos about their experience that we can use in future marketing efforts

You can be an amazing parent and care for your baby while still taking care of yourself. In fact, we’d argue that you’ll provide the best care when you also nurture your sleep health and avoid sleep deprivation.

Tuft & Needle knows it’s about more than the mattress, which is why we’re so excited to connect with you and cultivate better sleep health.

If you’re a new, sleep-deprived parent and are interested in taking part in this cutting-edge program, you can enter today!

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