PopSugar Grounded Event, Featuring Tuft & Needle

Last month (before social distancing was a widespread precaution in the U.S.) our friends at PopSugar hosted their inaugural Grounded event in Los Angeles. The one-day event was filled to the brim with self-care activities, classes, and services for attendees to relax in a positive and welcoming environment and celebrate wellness for the day. 

This event had something for every self-care enthusiast. From fitness classes and massages to sound bath sessions and crystal readings, the energy within the event flowed perfectly at different levels throughout the day. And when event attendees needed a few minutes to relax and recharge, guess who was there to make them comfortable? Yours truly, of course.

Meditation and sleep app Calm invited Tuft & Needle to provide products for the Calm Motel at the Grounded event. This area offered guests quiet “motel rooms” to cozy up and ‘Rest, Relax, Recharge’ with their Natural Vitality beverage on a Tuft & Needle Original Mattress and bedding, while listening to a soothing sleep story from the Calm sleep app. 

The timing for the Grounded event was interesting, as it fell less than two weeks before nationwide orders to shelter in place took effect. Being an event to celebrate wellness and self-care, it was the mood and soul boost attendees needed before heading indoors to wait it out. We’re just happy to have been included in the fun and, once it’s safe to return to normal life, we can’t wait to see how Grounded grows in the coming years.

While you’re inside, don’t forget that physical activity is still so important. PopSugar has some amazing FREE at-home workouts. Check them out here: https://active.popsugar.com/.

Motel Room at Calm Motel, PopSugar Event
Friends with a Calm beverage
All photography provided by David Jon Photography. davidjonphotography.com

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Erin Cline
Erin Cline

Erin Cline is a Copywriter at Tuft & Needle and a Phoenix native who began her writing career in 2011. She excels at karaoke and making jokes in uncomfortable situations. Erin has one dog-ter named Baila, loves donuts, and hates mushrooms and raisins. Craisins are fine.

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