New product alert: the White Noise Machine by T&N + SNOOZ.

T&N started with just a couple of people who wanted to improve the mattress buying experience and a great idea. We've grown, learned, listened, and kept our customer needs at the core of our business. Imagine our delight when we discovered another company with those same values at its core while looking for new ways to improve your sleep environment! 

SNOOZ began as a scrappy startup that knew they could do white noise better. They created and iterated, and the SNOOZ was born: a white noise machine with real fan noise and adjustable tone. 

Together, with our combined expertise, we bring you the White Noise Machine by T&N + SNOOZ—creating a consistent soundscape, for better, uninterrupted sleep.

Adjustable, natural white noise for uninterrupted sleep.


Real fan. Smooth sound. No moving air.

The White Noise Machine contains a real fan for full, natural sound with no moving air. Natural sound means no looping tracks or compression so your mind gets to truly rest. Our white noise fills the whole spectrum and creates a smooth, consistent soundscape. 

A T&N + Snooz White Noise Machine replacing a box fan.

Optional app. Extra features.

Use the app for extra features that will make your bedtime routine a breeze. Set timers that suit your schedule, and add a gentle fade in and out to wake up naturally. Adjust the control lights or switch them off completely.

Person uses optional Snooz app to change volume of white noise machine

Created for your home, and our environment.

With our Nursery Calibration feature, you can calibrate your White Noise Machine to its specific location. With accurate decibel readings and the option to set listening limits for little ones, you can control your soundscape better. In addition, the White Noise Machine is up to 98% more energy-efficient than a traditional box fan, so it’s great for your environment and all of ours.


T&N + Snooz White Noise Machine on nightstand

The perfect shhh for little dreamers, doggy daydreams, and restless sleepers.


Get the perfect hush for your home here.

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Lauren Baer
Lauren Baer

Lauren entered grad school as an Art Director but left a Copywriter. She worked in travel journalism, startups, and branding before joining us as a Copywriter at T&N. Born and raised in England, she lived in France for some years, and now writes from her home in Denver, CO. Usually you'll find her making cocktails, surrounded by dogs, or looking up flights.

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