Mattress Nightmares: A Tuft & Needle Giveaway

Bad sleep is scary.

There’s no way around it. You lag a little on the job. You find yourself dragging through a workout you’d typically crush. You might notice you’re more moody, grouchy or grumpy. And in extreme cases, you might even turn into a Sleep Zombie.

Or worse. Perhaps you’ve already become one!

Yes, you read that right. Sleep Zombies are the real deal and they’re on the rise*. This October, at Tuft & Needle, we’re prepared to do something about it. We not only want to spread the word on this epidemic, but we want to offer a way out. If you or a loved one feel they’ve gotten stuck in a nightmarish sleep cycle or a terrible mattress search, here’s a chance to finally escape. Just beware the Sleep Zombies!

Sleep Zombies

Read below to learn everything you need for a shot at FREE Mattress Sets from T&N!

Who can participate?

Share this opportunity with friends, family, coworkers and strangers alike. If someone’s struggling to find their dream mattress, now’s your chance to step up and be their hero. Oh, and you’re certainly welcome to participate as well!

What are the prizes?

Once a week, every week in October, we’ll be giving away a free Mattress Set from T&N. That’s a Queen Mattress, 2 Pillows, and a Sheet Set. Not too shabby.

Where and when can we enter?

The Mattress Nightmares experience and giveaway will be open 10/1/19 through 10/31/19. Act fast before you miss your chance! Just go to 👈It’s linked right here for easy access 👈.

How do we enter?

Once you’ve landed on, you’ll be prompted to navigate and explore your way through the web page. Think of it as a little game or a house of tricks on the internet. There will be videos to watch, questions to answer, and a few (spooky) surprises along the way.

Successfully find your way through, and BAM, you’ll reveal the giveaway entry form. Fill that out, then watch your inbox for entry confirmation.

Why is this a thing?

Rather than tell you, we figure it’s best to show you. See for yourself, straight from the mouth of a current Sleep Zombie:


October’s a time for all sorts of fun storytelling and make-believe. But the cost of poor sleep is anything but fun for those trying to find a way out. Here at T&N, we believe better sleep is within reach. If we can help people escape the nightmare that much faster, we believe we’re doing the right thing.

So have fun, tell your friends, save a few Sleep Zombies, and help us take back the night.

*Sleep Zombies are not really, really real. But we’ve all been Sleep Zombie-like if we’re honest.

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T&N Team
T&N Team

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