Fortoul Brothers Collaboration Launch Event Recap

Is there any better reason to celebrate than the launch of our first product collaboration with our favorite Phoenix-based artist duo, the Fortoul Brothers? On October 10, 2019 we did just that with some of our favorite local media, tastemakers and friends.

At the event, held at our Downtown Phoenix headquarters, the Early Bird PHX crew provided cocktails from their nighttime shift team called Night Owl Phx. Guests snacked on tacos from Cocina Madrigal while DJ Javin set the mood. The limited edition throw blanket was available for an early access purchase to guests.

The Fortoul Brothers Throw is officially available nationwide today! We only made 500, so be sure to grab yours soon if you're interested.

We had a great time celebrating our first ever collaboration. Keep reading to see photos from the event!


Fortoul Brothers Throw at T&N HQ
Our guests weren't told what the product collaboration would be, so we had the throw blankets hanging up for when they first walked in.


Fortoul Brothers Throw on sale at the event
We designed the packaging for the throw blanket, which was available for early release exclusively for guests, in collaboration with Lumi.


Night Owl Phx drink truck
Night Owl Phx mixed up a Prickly Pear Margarita and other drinks for guests.


Cocina Madrigal food
Cocina Madrigal provided delicious tacos and enchiladas for everyone to snack on.


Guests at Fortoul Brothers event at T&N
The Fortoul Brothers brought in one of their original pieces to serve as a backdrop for a photo booth for guests.


DJ Javin at the T&N event
DJ Javin provided the ideal atmosphere for guests to mingle and chat with the Fortoul Brothers.


Aaron Whitney and the Fortoul Brothers
T&N's VP of Product and Architecture, Aaron Whitney, asked the Fortoul Brothers about their art, its impact, and the throw blanket collaboration.


Gabriel Fortoul holding the throw blanket
Gabriel Fortoul shows off the double-sided design with inverted colors on either side.


Isaac Fortoul
Isaac Fortoul created original pieces for each guest to take home.


Guests with their original pieces by the Fortoul Brothers.


Isaac drawing
Isaac's designs were a very unique and exciting gift for the guests to take home.


While Isaac drew, Gabriel chatted with guests about the inspiration behind the blanket.

To shop the throw blanket, learn more at our website.

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