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Don’t make the same mistakes when buying a mattress.

Mattress makers bank on confusion costing you: time, money and sleep.

See why half a million people choose Tuft & Needle,
the Internet's most comfortable mattress.

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Imagine a high-quality mattress made with complete transparency.

Say goodnight to over-priced, over-complicated mattresses and discover the truth in pricing.

Say Goodbye to high costs

Average Material Cost (Queen Mattress)

Approx. Total
+ Wholesale Markup
+ Marketing
+ Retail Markup
+ Commissions
Typical Retail Price

*Costs based on industry averages for mattresses of comparable quality to Tuft & Needle mattresses.

Tuft & Needle has forever revolutionized the mattress industry, pioneering the simplification of the entire mattress shopping experience.

We could charge $3500, but we choose not to.

We charge what we need, not what we can.

Online Competition
Memory Foam
Twin XL$395$645$2299$1479
Cal King$750$1195$3499$2249

Tuft & Needle

Twin XL
Cal King

Online Competition

Twin XL
Cal King

Memory Foam

Twin XL
Cal King


Twin XL
Cal King
Exceptional quality at industry-disruptive prices.

Test Your Mattress Without Risk. Guaranteed.

You need time to sleep on it, which is why you get 100 nights to test it out.

Sleep on it Risk Free for 100 Nights

If you don’t like it, we offer a full refund and free removal of your mattress to a charity of your choice.

10-Year Limited Warranty

Our mattress is built to last. We back it up with an honest, 10-year limited warranty.

Delivered in a Small Box

Delivered straight to your door in a 19x19x44 box. It unpacks easily in just minutes.

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JT & Daehee

JT Marino & Daehee Park


Tuft & Needle was inspired after co-founder JT Marino went shopping for a mattress. His unfortunate mattress shopping experience, and purchase of a $3500 overpriced and uncomfortable mattress led to restless nights and buyer’s remorse.

After sharing his painful story with his good friend, Daehee Park, they commiserated on the severity of the problem. They realized most mattress companies were marking up prices by almost 10x. “It became emotional at that point,” Daehee says, “We felt robbed.”

Co-founders JT and Daehee launched Tuft & Needle in 2012 to change the way mattresses were designed and sold. They pioneered the single model, universally comfortable mattress. JT explains, “Our mattress is made with foam engineered by us, conveniently compressed into a small box, and delivered free of charge to our customer’s door.”

With no investors, Marino and Park started with $6000. They have bootstrapped the company and relentlessly focused on making the business as efficient as possible, cutting out the waste and passing on the savings to customers.

We left memory foam in the past.

Forget about Latex and Springs too.

T&N Adaptive® Foam, engineered by us, is the first of its kind.

The result of a partnership with the world’s leading foam scientists, our unique formula was tested, refined, and perfected at the molecular level.

T&N Adaptive® Foam allows us to deliver both comfort and support in a single material, whereas other brands are forced to mix and match layers using traditional materials like memory foam and latex. These are then labeled “premium”- a marketing trick used to hide the drawbacks of stacked layers.

Fact: More layers aren't always better. We've proven performance on the sleep surface is what matters most. With T&N Adaptive® Foam atop our base layer, you'll secure the benefits of the "other guys" 5-10 layers in just 2--the fewest layers of any competitor, and as a result, the most efficiently manufactured. We pass the savings onto you.

Affordable and high-quality, with nothing to hide.

Soft without the sink: perfect for side, back & stomach sleepers.

The Tuft & Needle mattress is soft and comfy while still being bouncy and supportive.

After thousands of reviews, emails and phone calls from our customers, we’ve made over 100 iterations to our mattress. The result is far greater than any focus group could ever produce. Real feedback in real-time has helped us perfect our product.

T&N AdaptiveTM Foam

We’ve engineered a new foam based purely on customer feedback. It captures the best benefits of memory foam and latex while leaving their negative attributes behind.

Supportive Base Layer

Our custom T&N Adaptive® Foam is paired with a high quality support layer that forms the perfect foundation for our mattress.

Ideal Support

Our foam is ideal for sleepers of any size or weight—and this is what makes it unique. The more pressure you put on it, the more it reacts to support you.

No tricky features disguised as benefits.

Junk science doesn’t keep you cool and comfy, common sense does.

The Tuft & Needle Mattress

Our mattress is designed to draw heat out in four simple ways.

Heat wicking gel and graphite
1. Heat Wicking

Heat is drawn into the mattress where gel and graphite work together to disperse heat outward and away from your body.

Breathable fabric
2. Breathable

With the help of our fabric, air flows through the foam cells to boost the speed of heat transfer through the mattress.

Support layer
3. No More Quicksand

Our support layer helps hold you closer to the surface to avoid the oven effect caused by sinking in too deeply.

Cross-section of our two layer mattress
4. Fewer Layers

Other brands use lots-o-layers of random foams containing different cell structures. Together, our 2 layers create uniform breathability.

You should only pay for what matters.

Fancy wordplay gets tiring, because it “sounds” expensive doesn’t mean it should be.

With Tuft & Needle, price is not a reflection of quality. Consumers are trained to think that high priced goods are always better. But a quality mattress can be honestly and fairly priced. So we designed an incredible mattress, then focused on reasonable pricing by increasing efficiency and cutting out the needless costs that normally are passed on to consumers.

The truth is: we’re cutting costs, not corners.

We run our own supply chain and sell direct to you.

Diagram illustrating how we cut costs by cutting out middlemen

More layers aren't always better.

We don't shove cheap, off-the-shelf foams into our mattress just to charge you more.

Diagram demonstrating air flow through a T&N mattressTuft & Needle2 Layers
Diagram demonstrating air flow through a typical mattressEverybody Else5 - 10 Layers

Some companies will have you believe "the more layers, the better" and will include 
benefit-less foams into their mattress just to have an excuse to charge you more. We have chosen to focus on the quality of the layers instead of the number. If you don't benefit from the foam, you won't find it in our mattress.

GREENGUARD Gold Certified
STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certified
CertiPUR-US® Certified
Fire Retardant Cover

At Tuft & Needle, our foams are CertiPUR-US® certified to be free from PBDEs. Our mattresses are fully GREENGUARD GOLD Certified as well as STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®* Certified.

Chances are we’re compatible, no matter your foundation.

Simplicity and versatility that saves you time and money.

Box Springs
Slatted Frames
Adjustable Frames
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When rethinking an entire industry, feedback is everything.

Focused heavily on customer experience, we believe what you think and say matters most.

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In keeping with our core values — namely, transparency, and truthfulness — the following video testimonials each feature a genuine T&N customer. They were not scripted, and the experience and views shared are solely their own. We asked that they voluntarily share their experience with the public, providing honest, candid feedback about their interactions with Tuft & Needle. Only after the interview did we surprise each guest with a second T&N mattress, as a thank you for helping us share their story.

Questions? Please reach out at tn.com/support
For trial and warranty visit tn.com/warranty

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“We loved it from day one, and still love it 3 months later…”

– Tony M

“The very first morning I awoke without a backache!”

– Sarah H

“They are really great quality, and incredibly comfortable.”

– Jeff B

“My mattress came extremely quick through FedEx.”

– Deanna A

Now with 130,000+ highly rated reviews, it makes the choice a lot easier...
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Our customer service team has thought through every detail.

We want you to have all the answers you need before you purchase.

Delivered free To Your Doorstep In Just A Few Days.

Our unique packaging and delivery allows for simple setup. Here’s what to expect.

Radical Transparency + Real Customer Service

Real Truth Comes From Personal Experience.

After 100 nights we’re sure you’ll know.

100-Night Trial
10-Year Limited Warranty
Made In USA

We’ve taken the tricks and hassle out of the Money Back Guarantee.

When your mattress arrives, you have 100 nights to sleep on it and decide if it’s right for you. If for any reason you don’t love it, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund — no questions asked.

No complicated intake forms, approval processes, or made-up fees. You don’t worry about sending the mattress back, we’ll work together to donate it to a local charity or non-profit of your choice. Once your mattress is donated, send us a scanned or photographed copy of your donation receipt via email and we'll process your refund in FULL, no prorated or partial refund gimmicks. It really is that simple.

You can contact our customer experience team 24/7 via email: support@tuftandneedle.com or by phone: 877-842-2586 Mon. - Fri. 9AM-10PM (EST) | Saturday/Sunday 11AM-8PM (EST)

Try us at zero risk and we’ll take care of the rest.

The T&N Mattress

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