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Wood Frame

Our frame is universal, beautiful, and it will stay that way for years to come—without the price tag you might expect for standard hardwood.


The bed frame we can’t keep in stock.

Free shipping and returns.

Shop Wood Frame

Wood Frame

$995 - $1195

Our frame is universal, beautiful, and it will stay that way for years to come—without the price tag you might expect for standard hardwood.See More

100-Night Trial + 12-Year Limited Warranty + Free Returns

Enduring Design

"We couldn’t find a bed frame that was beautiful, functional, and that fell into the right price point. So we created our own."

Levi Christiansen, Designer

Enduring Design

  1. Modern

    Classic design, built with simplicity in mind.

  2. Universal

    A beautiful frame that works in all spaces for all people.

  3. Durable

    A frame that will wear in, not wear out.

What we improved

We start from scratch and focus only on what matters — features that enhance your experience, long after purchase.

  • Heirloom Hardwood

    With sustainability in mind, we used upcycled walnut wherever we could and supplemented with new hardwood. Because of this, each frame is truly unique.

  • Easy Assembly

    We put more time into design, so you could spend less time putting it together.

  • Honest Price

    Typically, hardwood bed frames are very expensive, however we did what we could to make our frame available to more people.

Thoughtfully designed for your every day.

  1. Small Footprint

    Our frame is only a few inches larger than our mattress. It doesn’t take up any more room than necessary.

  2. Considered Headboard

    The slatted headboard provides an airy feel, but sits at the perfect height to comfortably support your pillow.

  3. Under Bed Storage

    With a clearance of 7 inches, our frame is the perfect height to fit most under-bed storage bins.

  4. Ideal Height

    Through extensive testing we concluded 20 inches was the ideal height for a mattress.

Product Details


Frame dimensions: 79"L x 56 1/2"W x 32"H

Shipping box size (rails): 78" x 10" x 13"
Shipping weight: 30 lbs

Shipping box size (headboard): 60" x 33" x 6"
Shipping weight: 70 lbs


Frame dimensions: 83"L x 62 1/2"W x 32"H

Shipping box size (rails): 82" x 11" x 14"
Shipping weight: 35 lbs

Shipping box size (headboard): 64" x 36" x 6"
Shipping weight: 75 lbs


Frame dimensions: 83"L x 78 1/2"W x 32"H

Shipping box size (rails): 82" x 11" x 14"
Shipping weight: 40lbs

Shipping box size (headboard): 64" x 34" x 6"
Shipping weight: 90 lbs

Cal King

Frame dimensions: 87"L x 74 1/2"W x 32"H

Shipping box size (rails): 86" x 11" x 14"
Shipping weight: 45lbs

Shipping box size (headboard): 76" x 34" x 6"
Shipping weight: 85 lbs

  • Easy 10-minute, 4-bolt assembly. Tool included.
  • Traditional wood joinery on footboard and headboard.
  • 7" under bed clearance.
  • Unique mix of upcycled and new hardwood for each frame
  • A support beam and two feet run down the middle, underside of the frame.

Two-person assembly highly recommended.

  • Arrange all the frame parts on the floor. We recommend placing them on a soft rug or carpet.
  • Insert four threaded rods into headboard and footboard. Hand-tighten all the way down until they can no longer turn.
  • Begin to thread each nut on the four threaded rods, but don’t thread them entirely down the rod. (This may sound counter-intuitive but is necessary for a later step.)
  • Place siderails onto footboard by inserting pegs into the corresponding holes.
  • Insert the washer under the nut. Fully tighten with the wrench.
  • Place siderails onto the headboard by inserting the pegs in their corresponding holes.
  • Insert the washer under the nut. Fully tighten with the wrench.
  • Using your screwdriver and two screws, screw center beam into matching holes on the cleat of the headboard. Then repeat on the cleat of footboard.
  • Adjust leveling feet as needed.
  • Lay slats horizontally on bed frame, across the center beam, aligning slat screw holes with holes on siderail cleats.
  • Repeat previous step with remaining slats.
  • Using your screwdriver and remaining screws, secure each side of the slat onto the cleat on the inside of the siderail. Once all the slats are secured, you’re ready for your mattress.

Happy Zzzs!

Thank you for purchasing a new Tuft & Needle wood bed frame (hereinafter the “bed frame” or “Product”). We hold ourselves to high standards and are confident that you’ll be pleased with your purchase. However, if you are dissatisfied or if you discover a defect in your Product, simply review our 100-Night Trial Policy and Limited Warranty and, if you believe that you are entitled to take advantage of their terms, please contact us at support@tn.com.

All products are carefully inspected prior to shipment. Please carefully inspect your bed frame at the time of delivery. PLEASE NOTE: If your bed frame or any part of it arrives damaged, please notify us within three (3) days of receipt of your delivery; we will arrange for a replacement or return/refund as necessary, and you will not be responsible for any returns fees or shipping charges. Please reach out to us by email at support@tn.com or by phone at 877-842-2586 to report items that are damaged upon delivery. We reserve the right to request images of such damage. All claim for damage ascertainable under initial inspection must be made within three (3) days after you receive delivery of the product; thereafter any physical damage to the bed frame that you do not report within three (3) days of delivery will invalidate the remainder of your 100 night trial. For more information about your warranty, visit www.tuftandneedle.com/legal/warranty.

View Full Warranty

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Ready to order, but have questions?

  • Why did you decide to make a wood frame?

    Functionally and aesthetically, wood is a universal material that is strong and inviting. We wanted to offer something classic and versatile to all of our customers.

  • How do I clean the frame?

    Wipe down the wood with a damp, non-abrasive cloth and mild detergent. Do not leave water on the frame. Wipe dry after cleaning.

  • Is it scratch resistant?

    It is not scratch resistant. Please be careful when moving the frame, or with objects that might cause scratches.

    If your frame comes scratched or damaged, this is covered under your warranty. Please let us know within three (3) days of receipt of your frame and we will arrange for a replacement or a refund/return as necessary. You can reach us by email at at support@tn.com or by phone at 877-842-2586. For more information regarding the warranty, visit tuftandneedle.com/legal/warranty.

  • Does shipping cost extra?

    Nope! As with all of our products, shipping is free.

  • How is it delivered?

    This product is delivered by our partner, CEVA. Within seven business days of you placing your order, our team will contact you to schedule a delivery day for your frame.

  • What do you mean by upcycled?

    We always consider sustainability in the materials we choose. When we learned that typically 40-60% of lumber is discarded in hardwood manufacturing, we saw an opportunity to repurpose this cast-off lumber.

    This extra walnut is perfectly fine in quality, but is too short to be useful in most furniture. We worked with our manufacturer to rejoin the discarded material to make new board lengths of patchwork lumber then used it wherever we could. We supplemented the rest of the needed materials with new hardwood, so each individual frame is truly unique.

Order now and make it part of your home.

Free shipping and returns.


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Sizes and Dimensions

Hardwood Frame
Full79" x 56 1/2" x 32"
Queen83" x 62 1/2" x 32"
King83" x 78 1/2" x 32"
California King87" x 74 1/2" x 32"

Note: There is 7” clearance below the frame to allow for under-the-bed storage bins