1.8 million American children
sleep on the floor.

Without a bed to call their own, these children lie on the floor, crowd in bed with their siblings or sleep in a shelter. We are acting now to provide our country's underprivileged children with the comfort of their own beds. Tuck a child in tonight.

Our own invisible children.

Foster children are the most deserving yet invisible population in our country. Through no fault of their own, these children have lost their parents as victims of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

Sleep is a basic right.

Over a third of foster children are displaced to grandparents or other relatives who are financially stressed and cannot afford a bed. Local programs and shelters are running out of money, and charity groups that donate beds are few and far between.

How it works.

These children have been deprived of stability, comfort and affection, but we can act now to raise them off the floor into a nice warm bed.

How FOSTER works.